John Hanoman/Hambleton/Hamilton in Rapaport Report

According to Diane Rapaport’s research she believes that John Hamilton was a Scottish prisoner of war but was likely the “John Hanoman” on the John and Sara ship’s list. Since there is not an actual list for the ship Unity, there is actually nothing to say for sure he was on the Unity and it is possible he was the John Hanoman on the John and Sara. She believes that it is worthwhile to look at the original list to see if the name can be read more clearly. The transcription may have been poorly done.

She was able to find a few more details about John and his occupation in 1666. What is puzzling is the dates of 1692 and 1699 for John Hambleton, when we believe he died in 1681? The 1692 and 1699 dates may be referring to John Hamilton, Jr. born in 1667.

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I am the daughter of a Kansas born farm-boy and an Oklahoman girl born during the dust bowl years. I've been married to Brad for 45 years and we have two lads and two lasses. I am now the proud grandmother of Aidan, Jacob and Mark. I love learning! My hobbies are reading, especially history and British 18th and 19th Century literature and I like to do a little knitting. I enjoy traveling and look forward to new travel adventures!
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