Literature Search: Christian (_____) Hamilton

Updated/Edited: 26 Mar 2015

“1. Perform a literature search
The first step is to seek out what pertinent work genealogical predecessors have already done. In effect, the directive is to search the literature. This may mean examining a collection of papers inherited from a relative, or perhaps a published book or article, or, in recent decades, a page on a website.”…”Much of this searching may now be done online, but on-site library research remains an essential element to this step.”
From: Robert Charles Anderson, FASG, Elements of Genealogical Analysis, (New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Massachusetts, c2014), page 65

Here is our list, so far. Please help me add to it.

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of the Commonwealth and the Founding of the Nation“, by Hon. Hiram Carleton, (1904) Vol. II , New York: Lewis Pub. Co. Pages 203 and 204. Joseph Gilbert Stafford “married, June 30 1880, to Miss Abbie Mather Hamilton” “Her parents were Joseph Henry and Abbie (Mather) Hamilton. She is a lineal descendant of John Hamilton (I), who was one of the Scotch prisoners of war taken by Cromwell at the battle of Dunbar, September 3, 1650, and sent to this country. He was given a grant of land in Charlestown, Massachusetts, in 1658; in 1668 he was in Concord, where he died in 1680. He married Christian (name unknown), and their children born in Concord, were John, born March 1, 1668, and Joseph, born January 9, 1671.” It goes on to list info on: John (2), Lt. John (3), Silas (4), John (5), Joseph (6), Joseph Henry (7).

Genealogy of the Hamilton Family in America by Charles W. Hamilton. Marsha H. states,  “Charles William Hamilton published (1933, pp 63) the research that his father, Charles William, Sr. (b. 1859, Omaha, NB) started. He describes it as “more a memorandum compiled by my father of the known records concerning the Hamilton Family in America than a history of that family.” Charles W., Jr. added his own additional research into the early Mass. records of the Hamilton family and traces the basic info. [b., d., m., ch.] on many of the family’s branches. Much of their research served as a foundation for my own and contributed many leads and details unavailable from earlier sources for the various John Hamilton branches. [Despite discovery of some errors in it. He usually indicated when he was not sure of the data.]” Teresa’s Transcription can be found HERE. Christian is found on page 8.

John Hamilton – Yeoman of Concord, Sketches of Ten Generations Of One Branch Of The Hamilton Family In America, (1658 – 1958) by Charles Walter Hamilton (focuses on the descendants of Joseph Hamilton b 1697 in Concord), “Christian” is on pages 10-12.

Hamilton, Carter, Goodrich, Reed and Related Families of New England, compiled by Martha Hamilton Hauber, Anundsen Publishing Company, 363 pages. Pages 130-141 trace her ancestry from John Hamilton (1) and Christian.

Ancestry Family Tree maintained by Dan Hamilton of West Brookfield, John Hamilton of Concord Family Tree 2 at

The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volume II, C-F, page 412. An excellent explanation and description of methodology and sources is available at: The Great Migration Study Project, c2006.

GtMigrationC-F_412 (2)

Received 4/12/07 from John Hamilton through to Marsha:


“Great Migration:

ROBERT EDWARDS; ORIGIN: Unknown; MIGRATION: 1635 in the Hopewell; FIST RESIDENCE: Concord; CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Concord church prior to 18 May 1642 implied by freemanship.; FREEMAN: 18 May 1642 [MBCR 2:292].; ESTATE: On 4 June 1639, “The town of Concord was discharged the lot to Robert Edwards, being but reserved for him” [MBCR 1:267].’

On 2 [month illegible] 1647 “Geo[rge] Heaward,” one of the witnesses, swore to the “last will and testament of Rob[ert] Edwards of Concord who being sick near unto death said in the hearing of us whose names are underwritten that his will is to have all his estate in the hands of his wife and that he makes her his full executor”; the other witness was William Wood [SPR NS 2:15].

“The inventory of the estate of Robert Edwards of Concord, taken 8 December 1646, totaled 56 15s. 3d., including no real estate [SPR 2:32].’

“BIRTH: About 1613 (aged 22 in 1635 [Hotten 130]).’


Yahoo Group Correspondence, January 2008:
From Dan Jenkins:

“There are no docs. or records regarding the marriage of John and Christian at Concord, only guesstimates. First record is a deposition, then the births of John and Joseph . There is an unproven move to Marlboro.

He could even have been the Capt. of the Kingfisher , who died at Boston . [Marsha H. has shown this to be untrue.]

It is possible that John of Concord, is the same as John of Charlestown , and he returned to Scotland when it was politically plausible and made amends , was awarded a Captain-ship and ship and returned to Boston? [No proof of this and seems unlikely?]” – Dan Jenkins

“I did find a Christian Edwards born Jan 15, 1645 , at Concord, daughter of Robert Edwards and Christian?” – Dan Jenkins

“With June Hamilton’s help , we have located a John Hamilton born March 29, at 1626 at Canongate, Edinburgh , who married a Christian ? , 13 Apr 1648 at Edinburgh.”

“We are trying to determine if he is the Officer, Prisoner, on the Unity from the Battle of Dunbar or if he just migrated. The dates are pretty good in relation to John at Charlestown and Concord .” – Dan Jenkins

From Teresa R.:

“The only conflict is that I have recorded that John and Christian married in Concord in 1666. I don’t have an original record on this though.” – Teresa R.


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