Battle of Dunbar and SPOWs in New England

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The following is from “Governor Hutchinson’s Collection of Original Papers” and may furnish some light in respect to the above mentioned prisoners sent to this country and sold for slaves, no doubt, by order of the English Government, as sort of banishment for their rebellion.  It is probable that some of them were sent to Barbadoes. The Rev. John Cotton wrote a letter reporting on the condition of the prisoners “to the Lord General Cromwell, dated at Boston in N. E, 28th of 5th, 1651:” “The Scots, who God delivered into your hands at Dun­barre, and whereof sundry were sent hither we have been desirous [as we could] to make their yoke easy. “Such as were sick of the scurvy or other diseases have not wanted physick and chyrurgery.  They have not been sold for slaves to perpetual servitude, but for 6 or 7 or 8 years, as we do our owne; and he that bought the most of them buildeth houses for them, for every four an house, layeth some acres of ground thereto, which he giveth them as their owne, requiring 3 dayes in the week to worke for him [by turnes] and 4 dayes for themselves, and promiseth, as soone as they can repay him the money he layed out for them, he will set them at liberty.”

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