Burials in Brookfield, Massachusetts

Brookfield Cemetery:

This list is found at the online Brookfield Cemetery website. I have attempted to edit it to make the reading of it easier, just for our use. To see the original compilation go to the link above. – Teresa R.

HAMILTON, Amos, Lydia, Jason, Lydia 2/Betsy buried in vault?

HAMILTON, Caroline E., buried in section M-234?

HAMILTON, Catherine d.1825, Jacob d.1827, and Persis d.1804, buried in section M-246

HAMILTON, Charles d.1900 and Carrie (Pond) d.1928, buried in section M-234

HAMILTON, Dorothy M., A-51 N1/2 1992

HAMILTON, George, in section M-234?

HAMILTON, Isaac, Samuel, Ezra, and John, in VAULT?

HAMILTON, James d 1852 and Lucy d 1843, in section M-342

HAMILTON, Joseph, Bathsheba, Warren, Josiah, and Sarah, buried in sections M-269/70, in years 1834/1857/1837/1799

HAMILTON, Jude d 1798, Charlotte d 1805, Zubah d 1799 and Sarah d 1791, in section M-249

HAMILTON, Lt. Joshua, and Holiday/Comfort VAULT?

HAMILTON, Otis Hayden d. 1890; Sarah (Seraph) A. d 5 Apr 1924; Alexander d. 7 Jul 1878; Rhoda d. 31 Apr 1879; Squire d. 25 Sept 1860; section M-246

HAMILTON, Rufus d. 7 Nov 1819, aged 60, buried in section M-295

HAMILTON, Sally d. 16 Apr 1831, age 52, buried in section M-413

HAMILTON, Sally (Richardson) d. 1809, buried in section M-269/270

HAMILTON, Seraph Adeline ???? ?

HAMILTON, Sewell d. 1853, Sibbel d. 1883, Frederick d. 1817, Melina, d. 1817, Mehase d. 1820, M-375

HAMILTON, William, buried in section M-452?

The following list of interments is a “work in progress genealogy file” being created from the current interment list and being verified by Pauline Merrick of the Historic Commission by physically visiting each monument. The genealogy information for the names highlighted was gathered from what is inscribed on the monuments. The deterioration of some of the older monuments makes this a very challenging and time consuming project. The information for non-highlighted names was taken from existing records. The Cemetery and Historic Commissions thank Pauline for this big undertaking. Last Updated 08/30/2010

Last Name   First Name    Lot#    Death Date    Birth or Age   Maiden   Relation  Comment

HAMILTON, Alexander, buried in section M-246, d. 7 Jul 1878, age 47 yrs 11 mos, son of Squire and Rhoda, “Maybe 1875”

HAMILTON, Amos, buried in the vault, died 1772

HAMILTON, Bathsheba, M-269/70, died 1857

HAMILTON, Betsy, vault, d. 1702, son of [or sister of?] Jason and Lydia Erected by brother James

HAMILTON, Beulah, died 31 Oct 1838, age at death: 82, wife of William Hamilton

HAMILTON Carrie E. M-234         d1928   b1839  maiden name: Pond           W/O Charles

HAMILTON, Catherine, M-246, d. 17 Apr 1825, age at death: 28, First wife of Squire

HAMILTON, Charles Squire, M-234, d. 1900, b. 1828, son of Squire and Rhoda (Walker)

HAMILTON, Charlotte, M-249, d. 1/12/1805, age: 22, daughter of Jude and Sarah


HAMILTON, Dorothy M., A-51 N1/2, d. 1992

HAMILTON, Ezra, VAULT, d12/8/1791, age: 11 mo, Son of  Lt. Rufus & Mary

HAMILTON, Frederick F., M-375, d10/17/1817,  age: 2, son of Sewell and Sibbel

HAMILTON, Huldah, VAULT, d. 5/10/1822, age: 93, wife of Josiah Hamilton Sr.

HAMILTON, Isaac, VAULT, d. 8/2/1784, age 19 mos, son of Lt. Rufus and Mary

HAMILTON, James, M-342, d. 1/4/1852, age: 73, “Father”

HAMILTON, Jason, VAULT, d. 1794, son of Amos and Lydia Hamilton

HAMILTON, John, VAULT, died 29 Mar 1801, age: 25 months, son of Lt. Rufus and Mary

HAMILTON, Joseph, M-246, died 16 Feb 1827,  age: 67

HAMILTON, Joseph, M-269/70, died 1834

HAMILTON, Joseph Jr, died  10 Oct 1819,  age: 28

HAMILTON, Josiah, M-269/70, died 1837

HAMILTON Jude M-249    died 25 Jun 1798 age: 48 “In possession of the ernest of the family inheritance”

HAMILTON Lt. Josiah VAULT  died 22 Mar 1792  age: 68

HAMILTON Lucy M-342        died 12 Jun 1843 age: 62 Wife of James

HAMILTON Lydia VAULT   died 1761 Wife of Amos

HAMILTON Lydia VAULT 1736 W/O Jason

HAMILTON McHale M-375 8/24/1820 2 S/O Sewell & Sibbel

HAMILTON, Melinda, M-375, 10/16/1817, age 4, daughter of Sewell and Sibbel

HAMILTON, Otis Hayden, M-246, d. 1890, b. 1835, “Maybe 1896?”, GAR marker

HAMILTON, Persis, M-246, d. 1 Apr 1804, age 41, wife of Captain Joseph Hamilton

HAMILTON, Polley, d. 19 Jan 1826, age 70, daughter of  Thomas and Polly Hamilton

HAMILTON, Rhoda, M-246, d. 31 Apr 1879, age 80y 10m, wife of Squire Hamilton

HAMILTON, Rufus, M-295, d. 7 Nov 1819, age 60, “may be 1817?”

HAMILTON Sally M-413 4/16/1831 52 May be 1837

HAMILTON Sally (Richardson) M-269/70 1809

HAMILTON Samuel VAULT 10/12/1787 19 mo S/O Lt. Rufus & Mary

HAMILTON, Sarah, M-249, d. 6 Jul 1791, age 41, wife of Jude Hamilton

HAMILTON, Sarah, M-269/70, died 1799

HAMILTON, Seraph A. M-246 4/5/1924 2/26/1839

HAMILTON, Seraph Adeline ???? ?

HAMILTON, Sewell, M-375, d. 23 Jun 1853, age 81

HAMILTON, Sibbel, M-375, d. 14 Feb 1838, age 60, wife of Sewell

HAMILTON, Squire, M-246, d. 25 Sept 1860, age 71

HAMILTON, Warren, M-269/70, 1837

HAMILTON, William, M-452, died 11 Jul 1832, age: 80

HAMILTON, Zuba, M-249,  died 8 Dec 1799, daughter of Jude and Sarah “may be 1790”

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