Cousin Connection

Most of us in our Yahoo Group are Hamilton cousins descended from the first John Hamilton, Scottish prisoner of war.

Here are some of our genealogies:

From Marsha H.:

“I am descended from Joseph and Sarah’s son, Nathan, b. 1739,
Brookfield, MA; d. 1816, Brookfield, MA and his 1st wife, Mary (Molly) Bemis,
b. 1745, Spencer, MA; d. 1770, Brookfield, MA.  My pedigree is:  [1]
John (Christian); [2] John (Sarah/Hannah); [3] Joseph (Sarah Wood); [4]
Nathan (Molly Bemis); [5] Bemiss (Abigail Slayton); [6] Bemis, Jr. (Sarah
“Sally” Strong); [7] Henry (Nora Coughlin); [8] George Washington (Jessie
May Fozard); [9] my mom and dad. ” by Marsha H.

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