Cemeteries and Gravestones

Published: 7 Mar 2013
Updated/Edited: 12 Jul 2016

Hamilton Ancestors Buried in…:

Hamilton/Pepper Pioneers are buried in Kansas:
Barnard, Lincoln, Kansas:

Pepper, John Prouty, 1908-2008

Direct descendant of John Hamilton (1634- 1680), proven by Y-DNA


Brookfield Cemetery in Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts, contains the remains of at least 45 Hamilton family members: “Miss Zubah Hamilton, (1771-8 Dec 1790), first born daughter of Jude and Sarah (Hoyt) Hamilton, age 19.”


Miss Zubah Hamilton

Brookfield Cemetery Gravestone Images taken by Daniel S. Hamilton in 2013. Beautiful, and many of them!



2 Responses to Cemeteries and Gravestones

  1. Dan Hamilton says:

    I have a map and photographs of all existing Hamilton gravestones in the Brookfield Cemetery, which I will post ASAP. There are also Hamiltons in other cemeteries in the other Brookfields.


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