The Hamilton National Genealogical Society has had incorrect information on their site about our Hamilton family branch for some time! Marsha H. of California, has had correspondence with them to try and get the information about our branch corrected! Go Marsha H.!

Yahoo Group Correspondence

From Marsha H. in March 2008:

Whoa, Teresa, you’re keeping the wireless cracklin’! Thanks for posting the stuff for easy reference. I appreciate the concise, easy access to the vital records. I’ve been a member of the Hamilton National Gen. Society (HNGS) and want to caution you on the posting of David Hamilton’s ancestry. They sort of put together everything that had been sent and didn’t check it for documentation. They ended up accepting connections that aren’t accurate. They have a caveat posted warning that they’ve learned that there are problems with it, but they haven’t corrected it in the last five to seven years that it has been posted. The David Hamilton mentioned headlining the blog is an ancient ancestor of Alexander Hamilton and the Grange Hamilton Scots. From our DNA, we know we don’t genetically belong to that branch. The HNGS also has my family’s Nathan and Molly Bemis Hamilton branch way off in the blog posting. And, last time I looked, they still connect John Hamilton (1) with Christian Dalziel, which I know is not possible. So, just a heads up to be wary of what is listed on their blog. We are getting so many Hamilton and allied branches, I’m feeling like Sleeping Beauty, napping in the tangle of vines.

Just to keep things straight, Isaac is a descendant of Nathan and Ruth Wheeler Hamilton and not the Joseph and Sarah Wood Hamilton branch to which I belong, which is through their son, the “other” Nathan, and Molly Bemis. I’ve been working on filling in the gaps I have on the related lines over the last few days, searching the vital records, county histories and family genealogies that I can find on-line. There are so many branches and twigs that I hope I’m pruning well…but either way, I’ve come across some interesting stories that were fun to read. I’ll check what I’ve developed with what you have posted to help verify it. My eyes are definitely crossing and I think I am permanently chair-shaped. Keep digging and having fun. And thanks for all your work. May it bear sweet fruit this spring. – Marsha H. from CA

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