Places Where They Lived

Updated/Edited: 26 Mar 2015

We know our immigrant ancestor John Hamilton was Scottish because of the earliest sources found confirmed by our DNA results. He was exiled to Massachusetts Bay and stayed in Massachusetts. His sons stayed in the area, too, for quite a while, before spreading out in all directions. Here is a list of places where our Hamilton ancestors visited and lived:

Dunbar, 3 Sept 1650

Durham, Sept – Nov 1650

Boston, Suffolk County:
Oramel Hinckley Hamilton died 1864

Brookfield, Worcester County:
Silas Hamilton born 1762

Charlestown, Middlesex County:
John Hamilton arrived c1651 – 1658?

Concord, Middlesex County:
John Hamilton married 1667? sons John and Joseph born

Marlborough, Middlesex County:
John Hamilton lived from short period

Palmer, Hampshire County:
John Hamilton died 1806

Plymouth, Plymouth County:

Scituate, Plymouth County:
Leonard Hamilton born 1786
Asa George Hamilton born 1788
Silas Hamilton* born 1791
Sarah Bailey Hamilton born 1811

Worcester, Worcester County:

Grand Rapids, Kent County:
Oregon Hamilton* died 1918

Wayland, Allegan County:
Silas Hamilton* died 13 Mar 1868
Oregon Hamilton* born 1846

New Hampshire:
Dublin, Cheshire County:
Eli Hamilton died 24 Mar 1852
George Augustus Hamilton born 1815 married 1836 died 1888 in Dublin

Hancock, Hillsborough County:
George Austin Hamilton born 5 Mar 1836

Lyme, Grafton County:
Cyrus Hamilton, M.D. died 24 Jan 1826
Cyrus Bush Hamilton, M.D. died and buried 1863

3 Responses to Places Where They Lived

  1. Doug Steward says:

    I am descended from John Hamilton, born 1798 in Gray, Maine; died 1847 Garland, Maine, but have no record of his parents. Somewhere in my research I had read that he was descended from a Scots POW. I know there were many Hamiltons in Cumberland County, Maine, but have not yet made any link between them and my line. Has anyone been able to bridge that gap? I am also descended from Duncan Stewart, taken at Worcester, and Robert Dunbar, captured at Dunbar.


    • Doug, I can’t tell you if you are related to our John Hamilton without referring to our Yahoo Group. We have an online tree that might help but the best thing is to join our John Hamilton Yahoo Group where you’ll be in touch with researchers of John Hamilton of Concord. My husband is a descendant of Duncan Stewart, too! Do you know David Dunbar? I am going to also invite you to join our Scottish War Prisoners Yahoo group and give you the link to our NEW Scottish Prisoners of War blog/website! I am so glad you found us! I will be sending you two yahoo group invitations! 🙂


    • Wayne Hamilton says:

      Hi Doug. I think we are likely related. I have been tracing my Hamilton family and I think I believe I know who the parents are for your John Hamilton and my Ezekiel Hamilton. I believe your John and my Ezekiel were likely brothers. I would love to discuss this with you. I have reasonable proof that traces their parents, grand parents and great grandparents.


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