Puzzles to Solve!


Where is the documentation for the wife, or wives of John Hamilton, (1667-1747), Yeoman of Concord?:

15 Mar 2013:

“Teresa, Judy & Dan, These are my notes on the early Concord Records:

The only record found listing the wife of John Hamilton are the birth records of his children in Concord, MA. The mother of his first child, Joseph, is listed in the Sep 1697 birth records of Concord as “Sarah”, while the mother of his second child, John, is “Hanah”. No marriage between John & his wife/wives nor death records for his wife/wives are given in Concord, MA nor have they been found in any other MA town records. It may be that the mother is the same person but whose name was just misread or transcribed inaccurately. The original journals no longer exist to check. The Concord vital records prior to 1696 contained in the first vol. were lost prior to 1696. The church records prior to 1738 were likewise lost. Some say it was when part of the records were taken by the minister when he transferred to a CT church and the remainder were transcribed into a new journal and edited to include only those families which still lived in the area. L. Shattuck indicates his belief that the loss was as a result of discord in the church at the time, splitting it into two congregations. [Source: A History of the Town of Concord, Middlesex County, Masschusetts (1835), L. Shattuck, p. iv; http://books.google.com%5D.

It’s one of our “brick walls” that we need to break through…”Where are the early Concord journals of the church/vital recs.?” I would think that if they were in some archive or private library somewhere, they would have been found already. The land records for John in Brookfield, MA don’t list a wife that I know. Amos, the last child, was b. ca 1717. Joseph, the oldest, was b. Sep 1697. He m. a Sarah, so the names of his daughters isn’t necessarily a clue. They are Millicent, Mary & Sarah. No, Hannah in any of the subsequent gens. of the Joseph branch, which does point to there possibly being two different wives, Sarah & Hanah/Hannah. The Sarah, if there was one, would probably been living in Concord, MA. It is strange that no family histories mention a marriage with a John Hamilton or the death of a dau. or Joseph as a grandson in any inheritance of a Sarah’s family. The land & probate records are our best bets, given the lost of the other originals. Still puzzled, Marsha H. in CA”

Action Needed to Solve:

1. Locate the early Concord journals of the church/vital records.

2. Locate the land and probate records for this husband and wife/wives.

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