Time-Line for John Hamilton (Transferred)

Published: 26 March 2015
Updated/Edited: 12 July 2016

The following is a working Time-Line for our immigrant ancestor, John Hamilton:

3 Sep 1650:
Battle of Dunbar at Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland.

11 Nov 1650:
The ketchUnity, sets sail for Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts from Gravesend, Kent, England.

Late Dec 1650:
The ketch Unity arrives at Charlestown, Massachusetts in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It appears that John remained at Charlestown for his period of indenture. There are NO records of John’s indenture to be found.

Dec 1650-1657: – No word on John and his whereabouts:
We have no records of John during this time which is consistent with being indentured since most indentures lasted six to eight years. During this time he was most likely too busy working for his master and not doing anything on his own and therefore not making any records. It appears he stayed out of the courts as well. 🙂 He is not listed as being one of the iron workers at the Iron Works in Lynn, MA. It appears that he stays at Charlestown, either as a “iron works” dock worker under William Aubrey or indentured out to local artisans and merchants, etc.

1657/8: Charlestown:
1 March – Land Transaction Recorded – A John Hamblton is given property on or before 1 March 1657/8  in Charlestown, along with several other men presumed to be Scottish prisoners of war. It is located on the “Mistick Side”.

This land record is the FIRST RECORD of John that we have found. This would be the perfect time for him to start making records, AFTER SEVEN YEARS INDENTURE.

According to the Charlestown Land Records on page 81:
John Hamblton in 1657/58 RECORDED 1 March 1657/58, drew Lott #194, which included, “four acres of woodland and three of commons.” On the same page, next to John, are FOUR other presumed  Scottish prisoners of war: Edward Wyer, Alexander Bow, James Grant and Hercules Corser. All four of these men, along with John Hamilton, are on George S. Stewart’s Prisoners of Dunbar list.

(Thomas Lynde “a maltster” was a LARGE land owner in Charlestown on the Mistick Side, as well.)

1666: Concord:
28 Mar 1666: (Colonial Calendar began with MARCH)
Middlesex County, MA: Abstracts of Court Files, 1649–1675. (Online database: AmericanAncestors.org, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2003), (Unpublished abstracts by Thomas Bellows Wyman, “Abstract of Middlesex court files from 1649,” n.d.)

“1666 1m 28. Test: John Hamelton Ae abt thirty yrs taken before Commisioners of Concord, signed Timothy Wheeler, Thos. Brooks, mark & Robert Meriam”

Concord, Massachusetts Town Records, Manuscript transcriptions, Concord Free Public Library, 129 Main Street, Concord, MA: p. 78 From 1666 accounts: 1-9 Accounts of ye work don at ye Bridg by perticuller persons… James Adamses 0 6 0 . . . Patrick facet 0 6 0 John Hamilton 0 6 0 p. 79 And the rates assigned to townspeople, some of the lowest being: A John Masson 0 13 6,@ A James Adames 1 13 4,@ A John Hameelton 1 6 6,@ A Patricke facet 1 7 6.@ p. 81a 4: 11: 68: worke don in sixty eight logeing and sanding the brige . . . p. 81b 2 . . . A John Hamillton 2 days 1 day oxen 5[s] 6[d]@ [From Diane Rapaport research on  our behalf. March 31, 2015]

Possible year of marriage to the mother of his two sons, Christian.

1667/68: Concord:
1 March 1667/8, John, son of John Hamelton and Christian his wife.

1670/1: Concord:
9 Jan 1671 – Joseph Hamilton is born to John and Christian in Concord. [CoVR]

From the History of Concord, by Lemuel Shattuck, 1835, page 373: “John Hamilton was here a few years, before 1670, but removed to Marlborough.”

1671 to 1680: Possibly Marlboro and Concord:
In 1671 is said to have removed to Marlborough, but King Philip’s War in 1675 caused the settlers there to abandon their homes and he probably removed to some town near Boston. Indeed, his son Joseph seems to have been an innkeeper in Boston later.

John Hamilton dies.

1699: John Hamilton, the son of John Hamilton
p. 110 1699 Work List A Rate made by ye Surveyrs March ye 30th 1699 to defray ye Charge of high way work from ye year 1692 till this present time. debtors B . . . Samuell Clerk 00 04 00 . . . John Hambleton 00 02 08 p. 112a 1699 Work List 1699 An acount of work done at ye highways in ye year 99 . . . John Hambleton one day 00 02 00 p. 310a Refers to land of A John Hambleton@ 30-9-1692. [Diane Rapaport research on our behalf, March 31, 2015]

We have not found a record showing that John was a soldier in King Philip’s War. 12-15-14

In Deference to Defiance, by Roger Thompson, refugees from King Philip’s War were recorded in Charlestown. Concord or Boston may have had such a record, too?

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